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Model number: XOANONS®WE-D5527                 
Composition: Double hydroxyl-terminated polyether modified polydimethyl siloxane
Specifications :

Model number Appearance Solvent Density(g/ml) (25±1)℃ Viscosity (25±0.2)℃ Active substance (%) Flash point(℃)



Yellowish transparent liquid (yellowish paste at low temperature) — — 1.01-1.05

50-90 (T-4 viscometer)

100 >100

Application: Leather PU resin    Lubricant 
Suggested addition:

Model number Addition to total formulation%
XOANONS®WE-D5527 0.05-0.5

Incorporation: Added directly to resin, or diluted with solvent or water before added into resin. Please pay attent, dilution should reach 20% before addition into water-based system.   
Application recommendation :

Model number Property and advantage
XOANONS®WE-D5527 Replace part polyether polyols to copolymerization with isocyanate when synthetic sizing agent. Improve softness, lubricating property and hydrophobicity of organic resin from structure. Improve hydrolytic stability of PUR. The coating effect is lasting. No migration problem of blending modification silicone. Higher solubility than normal silicon, not only can dissolve in water, alcohol system, but also can be used for oil system, even 10% addition. Improve smooth performance when add to synthetic fiber processing

Package :25KG    180KG

The container should be closed tightly before completely use up.  

Storage: Should store in cool and dry place. Can keep intact 24 months in original package.