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Polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorine surfactant
Polyether modified silicon leveling agent
Reactive silicon additive with acrylic functional group
Substrate wetting agent
Anti-graffiti additive
Performance enhancer

JIAZHI® Easy-cleaning functional resin

Anti-graffiti and Anti-adhesive Resin for municipal engineering paint
Anti-pollution and rain-resistant resin for protective film of paint
Easy-cleaning resin for industrial paint
Anti-icing resin
Anti-graffiti resin for automotive leather and sofa leather
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XOANONS ® Performance Strengthening Modifier for Coatings


Product Code                                Composition
XOANONS ® WE-D3202 Polyester, Polyether Copolymerization

Physical and Chemical indexes

Name Appearance Hydroxyl value (KOH mg/g) Viscosity (cp/40 ° C) Color (APHA) Moisture (wt%)
XOANONS ® WE-D3202 Colorless translucent liquid 50-60 2000 <100 <0.1


Application area
High temperature baking paint system.


Recommended dosages are
added at 1% to 5% of the coating system.

The addition method
can be added at any stage. Please test before production to confirm the best dosage.

Application features and benefits

Name Features and benefits
XOANONS ® WE-D3202 XOANONS ® WE-D3202 is a multifunctional modifier that uses a combination of advanced chemical synthesis processes and functional compounding techniques to modify specific monomers. The product can make the coating achieve good molecular mechanics structure on the ultra-microscopic level, integrate chemical cross-linking technology and internal plasticizing technology, so that the coating film performance can be greatly improved.
Improve the confidentiality of the system.
Improve coating flexibility and impact resistance.
Improve the system's resistance to boiling, corrosion resistance.
Improve the chemical resistance of the system.
Good compatibility with a variety of resin systems.
Does not affect the storage stability of the system.


220kg / barrel.


Storage stability
Stored in a cool, well-ventilated place away from heat and sources of ignition. Store in unopened original packaging for 24 months. The container is not completely empty before use and must be closed immediately after use.